The bees’ bounty

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Who would have thought the humble bee would provide such a bounty? Bee Pollen – now this sounds a bit gross, but when bees collect pollen from flowers they comb themselves and knead it into a spitball. Pollen is a … Read More

A short but smelly story

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Of course it has to be garlic. It’s one of the oldest medicinal foods around. The Egyptians have used it, the Greeks have used it, the Chinese have used it, the Indians have used it. You too may want to … Read More


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Turmeric is a South East Asian plant belonging to the ginger family that’s been used for over 4000 years in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The special nutrient in this plant is called curcumin, it’s the part that gives turmeric its yellow … Read More

When to eat

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It seems that Western science is catching up with what the Chinese have known for millennia. That there is an optimal time in our day to do things. Great news for those of us wanting to pack just that little … Read More

Best time to eat

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Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes a time and a task to each of our organs, which can guide us on the best time to eat during the day. Follow these tips to get the most out of each day. 5am to … Read More


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Most of us live stressful, busy lives, so it’s pretty normal to feel tired sometimes. This tiredness generally resolves itself after some rest and relaxation. Increasingly though, persistent tiredness is becoming a major problem for many people. Fatigue is something … Read More

Weight loss

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Shake it baby Australians are amongst the fattest nations in the world. We know that being overweight or obese is a significant health risk. 60% of Australians are currently overweight and obesity rates have tripled in the last 30 years. … Read More

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