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Back by popular demand

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More comebacks than John Farnham, I’m back after a wee hiatus with more ‘tips for the apocalypse’. Truth be told, I haven’t really been away, I continued my alphabet soup on RTRFM radio. With the odd week off here and there, I’m up to the letter ‘S’. You can tune in every Tuesday at 1010am to 92.1. Alternatively, you can click this link and re-stream here.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I may have been ‘eating my feelings’ the past few months. So much so that one of my friends started a Sunday morning movement ‘Cobesity’ class (I do loves me a good pun) to help get a few of us back on track. We are collectively known at the, ‘ladies who lunge’.

Having got my body moving, it’s now time to take my diet back in hand with a…DETOX!!!

The Scream. Thoughts of a detox
Does the word DETOX conjure up images of coffee enemas, deprivation and starvation? It kinda does for me too!

Fear not! Detoxing does not have to be a dirty word. It can be quite simple and is generally always beneficial when done in the right environment (and head-space).

Personally, I don’t much like the word because the reality is, our bodies are detoxing all the time. I much prefer to think of it as a break for my body – a time to focus on eating well and getting plenty of rest – a ‘Reset’ if you will – the word I shall use forthwith…

A reset can in fact be as basic as cutting out a few things to give your body a bit of a break so it can get on with the job of repair and renew.

This may include:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol (I may have also drunk my feelings a few times these past few months…)
  • Caffeine (mostly to avoid milk). This is a hard one to quit, so black tea and coffee are okay to continue.
  • Processed foods (including white bread – which I hope you don’t eat anyway – and pasta)
  • Dairy (plain yoghurt is OK if you tolerate dairy)

Why reset?

It can be one of the best ways to rapidly improve the state of your health, especially if you are feeling:

  • Worn out
  • Like your skin is lack-lustre and sallow
  • Like ‘Bloaty McBloat Belly’
  • Susceptible to infections
  • Like a moody ‘so & so’
  • Headachey
  • Like those pants are never going to fit again.
  • Just generally ‘out of control’ with how you’re taking care of yourself

Did you know? Research shows we now have 500 new chemicals in our bodies that our grandparents didn’t!

The nitty gritty.

How long for?

You get to choose.

I generally recommend two weeks minimum. I currently run a two week express program that includes supporting supplementation. Of course, the longer the better. In saying that, I will quite often do a mini-reset over the course of a weekend. I do this when I am craving salty or sweet things, just to re-jig my taste buds.

The reset programs that I offer in the clinic are tailor made to suit your needs. If you have never tried this before, then we can start gently. Although… as many of you know, I often push you off the deep-end into a 6 week program. It’s pretty straight forward and very gentle. I supply you with recipes, eating plans and targeted nutrients  (with lots of support and encouragement thrown in).

So what happens in a reset?

The process involves supporting the digestion, liver and organs of elimination. During the six week protocol we:

  • Remove – This stage treats the digestive system first and foremost and acts to remove bad bacteria and waste from your digestive system. These bad bacteria can directly produce toxins that are absorbed into the bloodstream and may also damage the lining of the digestive system.
  • Renew – This stage also focuses on your digestive system and kidneys, alkalizing your body to support detoxification and elimination functions. In this stage you will be renewing and rebuilding your digestive lining, as well as replacing bad bacteria with healthy ones and improving your digestive function. Healthy bacteria and nutrients for a healthy gut have a number of beneficial actions including controlling the growth of bad bacteria and helping you to absorb nutrients more effectively.
  • Release. This final stage provides the body with the nutrients required for successful liver detoxification while protecting the body throughout the elimination process to release toxins more effectively.

So my friend, if you would you like to have:

  • Less bloating
  • Better poos
  • Increased energy
  • A smaller waistline (aka losing weight)
  • Boosted immunity
  • Glowing skin
  • A clearer head
  • A spring in your step

Then it’s most certainly time to get in touch.

I first saw Marnie about four months after returning from an overseas trip where I caught a nasty stomach bug and needed to take strong antibiotics, which made a mess of my digestive system (I’d also had stomach issues in the past). I worked with Marnie on the Love Your Guts Program to address the issues at hand and put in place a maintenance regime. Three years later my stomach and I are still the best of friends.” Anita B

Your Reset options are:

  • Two week express train – for a quick reminder to get back on track.
  • Four week integrated detox – the Goldilocks treatment, not too long, not too short…
  • Six week dive deep (outlined above) – for those of us who’ve really ‘fallen off the wagon’.

The great thing is, no money upfront. You can pay in installments as you move forward through the program.

All of the options include:
  • Appointments with me (you don’t even have to leave your living room, we can do it all via Telehealth)
  • Useful tips and guidance
  • A food diary
  • Allowable food list (don’t worry, you won’t be a social outcast through the program!)
  • Recipes
  • Beneficial supplements
  • Newsletters
  • Ongoing support and tips via email.

If you know you’re not feeling your best and want to move forward, this program will support you to make small, step-by-step changes.

I came to meet with Marnie after seeing how happy my daughter was from Marnie’s advice. My daughter encouraged me to visit Marnie as I was running myself into the ground and eating and eating, gaining weight but still not appeasing my hunger, so I kept eating. All this unhealthy eating was making me tired so I kept eating sugar.I am very happy with how Marnie supported and coached me to take it easy on myself and guided me onto the right healthy path.  Barely 3 months have passed and I no longer crave sugar, I have much more energy and the bonus? Losing 5 kilo’s without trying.” SG

What to do next

Click this link to book in online or get in touch for more information – or ph: 0450 385 304

I can’t wait to hear from you and help get you feeling back to your old self (unless your old self is a wreck, then I can’t wait to help you feel all ‘shiny and new’).

Until then, I’ll leave you with this:

She who has Health has Hope; and she who has Hope has everything“. Arabic proverb (I may have changed the gender…)

To your good health,