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Initial appointment

We offer three levels of initial appointments in the clinic.

Basic consultation – $140

For your first appointment we spend approximately 45 minutes together.

This is ideal for the person who would like a bit of lifestyle advice, but who, for the most part, is relatively healthy.

Standard Initial Consultation – $160

This appointment is more in depth and generally takes one hour. Ideal if you have complex health issues that you have been dealing with some time.

Comprehensive Initial Consultation – $180*

Seventy five minutes and we go deep. During this consultation, we will conduct bio-impedance testing which looks at body composition and cellular health. Ideal for the person who is tired, stressed or wanting to lose weight.

*Please note: This appointment is only available in clinic on Saturdays.

Not sure which one is right for you? Give the clinic a call to have a chat.

A little more info

It’s incredible the amount of information our bodies give us if we look out for the signs. During your initial consultation, I’ll ask you lots of questions to build a health history; everything from whether you suffer from low energy to whether you have headaches or have had glandular fever. I’ll look for connections between your symptoms and work out the likely cause. It’s a bit like piecing a jigsaw puzzle together.

My intention is to give you the resources you need to be living in wellness every day. At this first meeting we will put together your personal treatment plan and a resource folder. This file is filled with useful information so that you may start your journey to health straight away.

Rest assured I am not going to send you away expecting you to cut out all wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and FUN! We will work through this information together, breaking it down into bite size pieces. This process will empower you to make long-lasting, positive changes – at your own pace. Remember, I am on this journey with you and I don’t sit on a pedestal of perfection. I believe that lasting change comes from making small, consistent efforts regularly.


Follow-up appointments – $85

My aim is to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your own health. Follow up appointments are scheduled for you as required and are generally 30 minutes long.

To give you an idea, if you’re wanting to lose weight then we tend to see each other every couple of weeks to celebrate (and track) your progress. If you’re a bright, shining energy bunny from the get-go, appointments could be anywhere from four to six weeks apart.

Once you’re on the right track and you feel confident, you might only pop into the clinic once every three to six months just to touch base.

VLA – $50*

Do you want to track your weight loss progress or see if you are gaining muscle mass from your workouts? Then book yourself in for a 15 minute bio-impedance test to get an accurate measure of your fat/muscle ratio.

Please note – this appointment is only available in clinic on Saturdays.

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