Overcoming overwhelm

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Do you have a never-ending ‘to do’ list?

I think for many of us we so often get caught up in ‘the doing’ that we stop nourishing ourselves. This month it’s all about making the most of every day (without burning out) and how to avoid overwhelm.

Signs I’m reaching overwhelm and disconnecting.

  • I drink too much alcohol – heck, it relaxes me…until 2am when I’m wide awake thinking about all the things I need to do tomorrow that suddenly seem that bit further away because once again I’m going to be too knackered to think clearly.
  • Sleep becomes just ‘somebody I used to know’.
  • My pile of ironing gets larger and larger
  • I can’t decide what to wear (probably because I haven’t done the ironing for weeks!!!)
  • I swear A LOT, especially at inanimate objects. I think some days I could make a sailor blush
  • I stop listening and moving to music.
  • I eat way more carbs than I’d like to. It comforts me…for a moment…until I look at the size of my protruding tummy and realize I haven’t pooed for two days!
  • I can’t stay on task. I go from one thing to the next, never finishing anything.
  • I’m not efficient (see above)
  • When I get really, really overwhelmed, I stop eating. Never a good thing because it just feeds back into the ol’ viscous cycle of, drinking too much, neglecting the iron, not sleeping etc.
  • Rock bottom – I visit the ‘dark side’ and start up with some really negative self-talk, about hope and not being good enough.

What are your signals? Spend some time getting to know the signs you are not dealing with the daily as well as you’d like to. That way you can head things off at the pass, rather than finding yourself hitting rock-bottom.

Overcoming overwhelm and getting ‘stuff’ done.

How then do we get back on top? Well, first things first – be kind to yourself. Even though at this moment you might feel very alone, it might be helpful to know that most of us feel like this at times. Sometimes it’s just the degree that varies.

Spew it out.

Start writing all the ‘shiz’ that is bothering you down.

Keep a notepad next to your bed so that when you have your 3am epiphany you can write it down and then go back to sleep.

Make a list. Then prioritise.

Outsource your overwhelm

What can you get some else to do when it all gets too much?

  • Could you pay someone to do your ironing?
  • If you are having trouble getting a decent meal into your mouth, could you get a home delivery? There are many companies around now who prepare wholesome, nutritious food and can deliver straight to your door. Feel free to message me if you would like some suggestions for healthy deliveries in Perth.
  • Get a cleaner in once a week or fortnight. How nice to come home to a lovely clean home.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You know the pleasure you feel when you’ve helped someone? Time to let somebody else experience that!