I have been a client of Marnie’s now for several years and continually recommend her to family and friends. I love the realistic and down to earth approach Marnie has to wellbeing and the results from her programmes are incredible. During a recent detox programme I had a friend comment that I looked 10 years younger…. got to love that!!

Tania Taylor

Hi Marnie, just a short note to say hello and keep you up to date on my condition ,thanks to you it’s all good so far, it’s been three months since I saw you ,and went through your program to understand what my body needs, staying away from high processed wheat products, and cow’s milk, and of course sugar, in  things I love like sorbet and chocolate. Every now and then my stomach lets me know when I have been breaking the rules to much by rumbling all night but thanks again to your guidance I have the tools to understand what I have to look out for in my diet. Keeping well thanks

Vaughn B

I first saw Marnie about four months after returning from an overseas trip where I caught a nasty stomach bug and needed to take strong antibiotics, which made a mess of my digestive system (I’d also had stomach issues in the past). I worked with Marnie to detox, address the issues at hand and put in place a maintenance regime. Three years later my stomach and I are still the best of friends.

Anita B

In the time that I have been a client of Marnie’s my overall health and wellbeing has dramatically improved. When I became drastically sick when travelling overseas she was the only one to keep pushing to find out what was causing my illness after my GP misdiagnosed me. Without her compassion, skills and knowledge I would not be in the good health I am today.”

Megan B

Dear Marnie,

When my friend recommended you, I was a little skeptical about seeing a Naturopath.
I was having stomach pains for over a year and after tests and an endoscopy, my doctor could not give me an answer on what was causing the pain and told me it was probably reflux and prescribed tablets. This did not fix the problem and that’s when I decided to see you.

Within 2 months of a prescribed diet and natural supplements, my stomach was free of pain and my overall health had improved. I recently saw my doctor for my annual health check and my cholesterol had dropped from 5.8 to 4.5 and my blood pressure was at a very healthy level!

Thank you for your patience and understanding the cause of my problem. I not only came away pain free but also feel a younger man!

Kind regards

I had been feeling tired and run down for quite some time. I had been to see the doctor and had all the usual things tested, but they all came back with normal results.

I went to see Marnie and she identified several areas which needed work. She prescribed me with various supplements and helped me change my diet. Since then I have had loads of energy and I am able to get on with my life. One piece of advice from Marnie that has always stuck with me is that you only need to make once change at a time – this really helped me make all my changes and has got me to where I am now.

I would (and already have) definitely recommend Marnie to anyone wanting to see a naturopath or who is suffering from the same issues as I did!”

Taylia R

I can’t recommend Marnie highly enough. I’m a registered nurse who works night shift and have been experiencing increased hair loss, low energy levels and digestive problems. Through Marnie’s consultations, lifestyle + diet recommendations and prescription of herbal supplements, I have really noticed a difference in my health and wellbeing. Thank you Marnie for all your guidance and support, you are truly amazing at what you do!’

Jaclyn T

About 12 months ago I was feeling lethargic, bloated, stressed, extremely tired, emotional and going through the beginning of the next phase of my life change, being a woman of over 50. Although I decided I could actually handle the wrinkles, accept that I was getting older (or as I like to put it “becoming wiser”) and that the aging process was inevitable. I had two choices either continue the way I was going or do something about it. I decided on the later.

I had been thinking of a detox for quite some years but with all the products on the shelf and the never ending media bombardment of “guaranteed” products I just didn’t know where to start. So I decided to approach a professional with a holistic approach and preferably a woman (no offence to the gents). On the web I found a name, researched and decided that it was worth a try. I found Marnie Downer, a naturopath.

Marnie was very understanding, a very good listener, easy to talk to and most of all empathetic to my situation. She did a variety of tests in conjunction with my GP (who was very supportive of my decision to seek assistance from a naturopath). Armed with the results Marnie was able to make an individual analysis of my personal needs. She did warn me that it would not be an overnight solution and I needed to make some lifestyle changes.

12 months on I have more energy, learnt how to not stress as much, laugh more, eat better, enjoy every day for what it brings and hopefully bring some enjoyment to those around me (I’m sure some might say I’m even a little crazy-but as long as I make them smile that’s OK with me).

With the help of Marnie, relaxing massages (wish they could be a little more frequent) and a change in thinking and eating I feel much better. Yes there are still challenging moments, however I seem to be able to cope with them in a more positive way.

Here’s to growing old gracefully and happily

Vanda B

I have come across many health professionals in my life, the good ones are very hard to find. Everyone’s “person” is “the best”, but this may not be the case for you. However, I heard of Marnie and the fabulous work she did from a friend of mine who had breast cancer, who heard of her through her friend who helped her and her husband, and believe me; she really is the best. You KNOW when someone is good when they are passionate about their work, are consistently seeking to educate themselves and learn more within their field and they are excited about it. Marnie enforces my belief in her via the way she conducts our sessions, allows me to see her notes and my progress, that she is knowledgeable and believes in what she does. She explains what she is doing and what she is prescribing and why. She knows me as a person, not a name on a file and to accompany all of these she is positive. Such a strong sense of self she has to be able to be vulnerable enough to share her personal experiences with me, which humanises her. These attribute in themselves is a rare for a person to own. I believe in her and I put my trust in her help.

Julia O

Marnie’s authentic and open minded approach to health really is holistic. Starting with a thorough consultation process we worked together to create a plan for better health that included balancing some of the naughty and fun lifestyle things that I enjoy.  Marnie’s approach is accessible and warm hearted and encouraged me to make changes successfully and sustainably.

Renee P

Marnie is a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness and her genuine interest in enhancing the lives of her patients means that I always leave assured that my treatment plan is aligned with my needs and goals. Marnie is also open-minded and willing work with aspects of my life that might be less than optimum rather than around them, which is rare and refreshing. I could not have achieved my wellness goals without Marnie’s assistance and look forward to continuing to work with Marnie in the future.

Katie D

Marnie, thank you for your wonderful and patient guidance. Your assistance and knowledge is second to none. You always know how to assist me whether it be for more energy, a better night’s sleep and healthy lifestyle in general. Each appointment is a great experience. Highly recommend your services.

Breanna C 

It’s a massive weight off my shoulders having someone looking out for my wellbeing. I love the balanced, holistic and humorous approach to health that Marnie has. And I like that she still lets me drink coffee.

Maranne P

I’ve known Marnie for about five years and have found her professional advice to be succinct, helpful and easily digestible.
It always seems that Marnie knows her stuff and can explain helpful ways to increase my wellbeing without the usual strict no-fun policy.
With Marnie’s help I was able to identify a few areas that I could improve to help my mental capacity throughout the day that helped to alleviate sudden bursts of tiredness at work.

Marnie’s warm nature over the years helps the complex issues of personal health and the somewhat daunting nature of having it checked, a lot easier.

Joe C

I came to Marnie to help support me as was getting ready to undergo Interferon & Ribavirin treatment for HepC. I had many concerns about the treatment and its side effects, particularly depression as I have chronic clinical depression and was really very worried about this getting worse (side effect of treatment).

I love my appointments with Marnie they are a joy. She has a vast knowledge and is incredibly thorough and professional. I felt I was in very good hands. The nutrition and advice Marnie has given me have worked very well indeed and I have been told by other health professionals that I am doing very well on my treatment – I believe this is due to the health program Marnie has set out for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Named supplied

After a prolonged illness and a lengthy and aggressive treatment, I went to see Marnie hoping that some advice on diet etc. may help my body recover from the illness and the lasting effects of the treatment.  Marnie was so fantastic, thorough, supportive and completely committed to me as a client.  After the lengthy first meeting I had with her, she researched everything about my illness as well as the treatment and came up with a plan tailored specifically to my needs.  She worked holistically with me, included diet, supplements and exercise into my plan whilst also being realistic and working within my financial framework.
Since I started seeing Marnie, I have recommended her to so many people and everyone I know who’s seen her has been really impressed with her work.

Max B

I have been a client of Marnie’s for 2+ years. I was diagnosed with Auto Immune Rheumatoid Arthritis . The usual treatment is very toxic medication which was prescribed for me following a visit to the Specialist, I did not want to resort to this management as I was very aware of the side effects. I researched and Marnie was recommended to me.

Marnie supported me in my choice of healthy diet and prescribed supplements to support my body which have helped me to manage this condition and minimise its effects. I returned to the Specialist 6weeks after the initial visit to him where he prescribed the Medications (which I did not get filled) for follow up. I “fessed up” about the Meds and he examined me again. His response was “whatever you are doing keep doing it, you have improved”. That was 2+ years ago.

Marnie is a professional and passionate practitioner. She treats and sees me as a whole person, not just a condition.

Thank you Marnie !!!

Jan W

Attending Marnie was a revelation to me-breaking my chocoholic ways. From choosing chocolate over breakfast & after nearly every meal, I now reap the rewards of healthy energy from Marnie’s advice and support. I suffered problems with my skin for many years & there has been a significant improvement within the first 3 months. Although I was previously prescribed medication from GP’s and specialists, if I stopped taking the medication, my symptoms returned.

Marnie is a positive, warm and humorous character whom has helped me significantly reduce my sugar cravings, have healthy skin and a nutritious diet. I would like to thank Marnie for the changes I always previously struggled to achieve.

Teresa K

Marnie is great! I have visited a few Naturopaths in my time and although inspiring, you often leave consultations feeling like you will never be as “perfect” as they are! Marnie is very friendly and relatable, and it is due to this that I have been coming back regularly for almost 12 months.

Thanks to her expertise I have completely cleared up my pretty severe acne, been given herbal supplements that helped get me through a stressful work period; and even somehow got convinced into doing a six-week detox!

Marnie’s commitment to your health is really apparent, and she will support you with any of your health goals (without the guilt-trip!). Thanks for all your help Marnie.

Jess R

From the first time I met Marnie, I knew I was in healing hands.  I had been dealing with health issues as a result of stress for a long time and previous mainstream treatments had only treated the symptoms – skin, allergies, arthritis, menstrual problems and memory issues to name a few.  With a holistic look at my health and a real understanding of the impact that stress can have on the body, Marnie has truly been able to turn my life around and I finally feel like I am operating on a full tank!!!

Lauren H

I have been seeing Marnie for the past 2 years after I lost weight unexpectedly due to an overactive thyroid condition. During this time, I experienced a personal issue which had an effect on my health in general. After a course of medication from the GP, my thyroid returned to normal, but my weight and overall sense of wellbeing didn’t.

I wanted to get my health back on track using a natural approach and through Marnie’s experience in natural therapies and advice on healthy, balanced eating, I have been able to gain some much needed kilos and am feeling healthier than I have for years.

So thank you Marnie.

Karen M

As a young student, Marnie has helped me make the right choices for body and greatly increased my quality of life.

Over the years I’ve seen Marnie for a range of issues such as weight loss, cold sores, Candida, Anemia, depression, anxiety and improved memory.
She has successfully treated all of my concerns when doctors have ignored them or tried to fix the symptoms and not the underlying problem.
Most recently, my moods were suffering greatly from the Marina form of contraception. Taking it out seemed to be the only option. Within a week of seeing Marnie, my moods were back to normal and I was able to keep the Marina.

No challenge is too big, or small, for Marnie and she will help you overcome your health issues with genuine support and care.
Most importantly, Marnie has always been realistic with goals and treatments, in relation to my life, and is mindful of my budget constraints.

I think everyone would benefit form a bit of Marnie in their life – from serious health issues to minor qualms you have with your body. Marnie will never be judgmental and help you have a high functioning happy and healthy body.

Rosie B

Marnie is great – she educates as she treats and you leave her room understanding more about your health and wellbeing in general. I leave with confidence knowing that an expert has partnered with me. Her practical approach that knows what it means to be busy and under the gun, has helped me tremendously. Her sense of humour and genuine caring make her exceptional. I enjoy our time together and would recommend her to everyone.

Dunay T

When I first met Marnie in July 2013 I was a very “sad” case.

Radiation therapy the previous year for breast cancer and the unexpected passing of my brother had left me unwell and unhappy. Added to that several on-going health issues had me lacking in energy.

When I talk to Marnie I believe she really listens to me. We discuss practical and often simple changes to my diet and lifestyle that have given me a sense of empowerment.

I’m not the “perfect” client but I am now a fantastic “work in progress”.

Thanks Marnie.

Sue T.

I was motivated to see Marnie after I decided I needed to change the way I was living my life.  I was consuming fast food takeaways three to four times a week, eating minimal vegies or salad and no fruit at all.  I was consuming enough alcohol to be placed in the top 5% of male heavy drinkers as a female (by the heart specialist I saw after I developed an elevated heart rate).  Over a ten year period I had steadily put on over 20 kilos. I wasn’t after a quick fix, I wanted to change my life for good, to be healthy and possibly fit again. If I lost weight during the process, well that was going to be a bonus.

I started seeing Marnie in August 2013.  Since then I have celebrated my 40th birthday, had numerous trips interstate and overseas, and I have attended far too many social events to count.  From purely changing my diet and reducing alcohol consumption I have currently lost nearly 12 kilos and my waist is one centimeter away from placing me at the age that I am. The next step is to get serious about exercise which will hopefully see the end of my belly..!

I am totally amazed at how changing the smallest of things (eating breakfast for one), I have achieved what I have.  I am now mindful of what I consume whether it is food or alcohol and importantly the quantities I consume.  It hasn’t felt like hard work and more importantly I have really felt the changes to my wellbeing.  My GP is now at the point of ceasing my heart medication as my heart rate has returned to normal, simply due to the weight that I have lost..!

I simply cannot thank Marnie enough for sharing this journey with me and providing me with the tools to change my life for the better.  It is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Rebecca J

I came to meet with Marnie after seeing how happy my daughter was from Marnie’s advice. My daughter encouraged me to visit Marnie as I was running myself into the ground and eating and eating, gaining weight but still not appeasing my hunger, so I kept eating. All this unhealthy eating was making me tired so I kept eating sugar.

I am very happy with how Marnie supported and coached me to take it easy on myself and guided me onto the right healthy path.  Barely 3 months have passed and I no longer crave sugar, I have much more energy and the bonus? Losing 5 kilo’s without trying.

Samantha G

I was recommended to Marnie Downer by a close family friend for a health problem concerning my diet. From the moment I met Marnie I felt comfortable and confident in her services. She is professional and friendly, always making me feel relaxed in our appointments.

Marnie was very thorough in the initial consultations and discovered the root of the problem that she helped me to address. From there I really valued being 1-on-1 with Marnie as she developed a personalised diet and nutrition plan that fit my needs and lifestyle.

Marnie’s solutions were practical and manageable. I saw her for my weekly appointments were we documented my progress. During this time I found Marnie’s positive attitude and sensible approach very uplifting, enabling me to achieve my health and nutrition goals.

I really appreciate Marnie’s unique services and would highly recommend her as a health professional.”

Sofia C

Marnie has assisted in making me a healthier and happier person by formulating a plan of attack to achieve my weight loss, health and well-being goals. Prior to seeing Marnie, I was not aware of the impact of certain foods or how I could keep my weight under control. Marnie has a great understanding of her clients and has helped to give me the tools and knowledge to make better choices for both my mind and body”.

Michael D