Weight loss

Weight loss

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Shake it baby

Australians are amongst the fattest nations in the world. We know that being overweight or obese is a significant health risk. 60% of Australians are currently overweight and obesity rates have tripled in the last 30 years. If you or someone you love is overweight, let’s talk. I can help with losing that excess fat and getting you or your loved one healthier.

Losing weight might be your New Year Resolution. Let’s make it the one you achieve. I’ve been running a really successful weight loss program called ‘Shake It’ for two years now and I’ve seen it work. I’ve also seen the positive changes people have made to their lives with this program followed by the wellness support that we put in place going forward.

This is achieved through:

  • A carbohydrate controlled dietary program.
  • A diet plan that includes moderate levels of proteins and good fats (yes fats can be good).
  • Moderate regular exercise.
  • High-quality nutritional supplementation, specific to your needs.
  • Daily urine testing of ketones to measure fat burning. (Ask me about ketosis when I see you.)

I will give you a program tailored to you. I have a nifty gadget (read about my fab VLA machine) that measures your fat to muscle ratio and your cellular health. This is not about buying an off the shelf powder and hoping for the best – you’ll be supported and guided the whole way.

If you’d like support to reach your ideal weight then book an appointment and come and see me. Be one of the 10% of people who achieve their New Year Resolutions in 2015.