The What if project

What if I…?

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Welcome to 2018 and the start of something new…hopefully!

At the end of 2017, I had a couple of conversations that really struck a chord with me. I’m sure as you read this, you may feel somewhat the same.

One of my clients mentioned feeling frustrated with herself as she doesn’t feel like she is realising her potential in life. Another person, after being made redundant, threw her hands up and said she just wished someone could tell her what she was meant to be doing with her life.

Does this resonate with you at all? I know it does with me.

I went away and I really started thinking about this – the frustrations we so often feel with ourselves. It’s like I stand on the edge of my life watching, waiting, almost ready to step off.

I, my friend, am an excellent swimologist! I read the books on swimming but don’t always want to get wet. Sure, I’ll dip my toes in regularly, but keep one foot firmly planted on the beach. On the very odd occasion I immerse myself, but then the shore looks so appealing – my familiar habits, that familiar pain, that I make my way back to the safety of what I know.

Welcome to the ‘What if project’

  • What if I…stopped negotiating with myself?
  • What if I…get out of the way of myself?
  • What if I…stopped being a ‘theorist’, learned how to swim?
  • What if I…was kinder to myself? This is a big one for ALL of us! First rule of coming to see me is, be kind to yourself (as I say to many of you though, “take my advice, I’m not using it!!!”).
  • What if I…stopped making excuses?
  • What if I…trusted myself more?
  • What if I…backed myself more?
  • What if I…feared less?
  • What if I…didn’t worry about being wrong/rejected/abandoned?
  • What if I…focus on healing the relationship with myself?

That’s quite the ‘what if list’ isn’t it? How then could I make this practical for my 2018 – this exploration of my true potential? Away I went and thought long and hard about what I reckon I could do and I came up with three challenges for myself (and then some more  – because I’m prone to excitement…)

What if I…don’t drink for a year?

On this I have tried so very hard to negotiate with myself. Just have one, just have a drink on the weekend, just cap it after two. Sadly, like many good Australians, once I start, I have trouble stopping. One is nice, two is better and then my sense of self-control leaves the building! I am still an all or nothing kind of lady. For me, therefore, it’s best left alone.

Why then do I want to quit alcohol?

  • I don’t sleep well when I drink. Even the smallest amount will have me awake at around 2.30am (the time of the liver in Chinese medicine) staring at the ceiling. Clearly my liver is not happy.
  • It’s bad for my microbes
  • I feel more grumpy and less content
  • I don’t get up for yoga when I’ve had even one drink
What if I…follow The Body Ecology Diet?

All my years of travelling have left my poor microbiome a little wanting. Last year I did a couple of poo tests and found out that I have brought back some hitchhikers! One of the things that drinking Ganges water has done for me is reduce the species diversity in my gut. I would have thought that all that exotic travel would have increased my diversity.  Sadly, no.

Time to clean house.

The Body Ecology Diet is an anti-candida diet and even though my stool analysis did not show up candida, I believe it still will help my gut in the long-term.  I will let you know more about the diet as I progress.

Why The Body Ecology Diet?

  • It has specific parameters and guidelines
  • I am developing a sensitive gut – mostly in the form of feeling full very quickly.
  • I can be prone to constipation
  • Healthy ageing (I’m a woman of an uncertain age!)
  • Lose a little weight (I look like a plum pudding post Xmas)
What if I…go to yoga three times per week?

I am extremely hit and miss with yoga and am prone to let life get in the way of getting up and getting going. There are many reasons I can’t get out of bed at 5.15am (even though I’m awake) – the main one being that Wayne (my pussy cat), often needs an extra cuddle in the morning.

Why yoga?

  • It sets me up for the day. No matter what else happens, I’ve got up and got going. I can start my day feeling good about myself.
  • Yoga stops my brains from spilling out. It is the greatest thing I have found for my head space.
  • It’s something that I can clearly see progress in, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

There you have it folks – this is the start of the ‘What if project’

Now over to you. What are your ‘What ifs’? What are you going to stop negotiating with yourself about to help you realise your true potential?

There are a couple of things to note when undertaking this exercise.

Want to know how I’m getting on? Read the next blog post

Yours in good health,