You’re about to learn some amazing facts about your gut.


It’s a truly fascinating part of the body, which is being intensively studied around the world to unveil its many secrets.

As we’ve perhaps known intuitively for many years, we really should “listen to our gut”.

I’ve put together this guidebook to include some juicy snippets of information, which I hope you’ll find as mind-blowing as I do.



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More fascinating facts about the gut

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Yours in good gut health,


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Dear Marnie,

When my friend recommended you, I was a little skeptical about seeing a Naturopath.

I was having stomach pains for over a year and after tests and an endoscopy, my doctor could not give me an answer on what was causing the pain and told me it was probably reflux and prescribed tablets. This did not fix the problem and that’s when I decided to see you.

Within 2 months of a prescribed diet and natural supplements, my stomach was free of pain and my overall health had improved. I recently saw my doctor for my annual health check and my cholesterol had dropped from 5.8 to 4.5 and my blood pressure was at a very healthy level!

Thank you for your patience and understanding the cause of my problem. I not only came away pain free but also feel a younger man.

Gary B