A mighty move.

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Phew! Thank goodness that is done.

Over the Xmas break we moved to our new location just next door at 772 Beaufort St. During the move I discovered:

  • I am good at lifting heavy things
  • I have a great ability to move heavy things
  • I really don’t like lifting heavy things
  • I bruise well
  • Swimming at the beach helps soothe those tired muscles and calm frayed nerves
  • Swimming at the beach can be painful (read jelly-fish stuck in bathers, major dumping at City Beach)
  • I have a love hate relationship with IKEA now.
  • Gumtree on the other hand..
  • Flatpacks and I are not friends (never were, never will be)
  • Vitamin B, Magnesium and some well blended herbs will keep you sane and powering!
  • I have the most amazing friends and family. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (I already knew that though).

2016 looks to be a really exciting year for the clinic. We welcome Alia and Georgia on board as our highly skilled and experienced massage therapists and Lesley is, as always, our ever lovely welcoming committee. We are planning to introduce some new programs into the clinic as well, so watch this space.

New hours are:

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – naturopath consults with Marnie
  • Monday -massage with Alia
  • Wednesday and Friday – massage with Georgia

We hope to introduce another therapist in the near future. If you have any particular modality you would like to see, please send me an email. We love suggestions!

Here’s to 2016 being your healthiest and happiest yet.