Bottoms up to water

Bottoms up!

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I’m often surprised by how little water people are drinking throughout the day, especially those of us who are working in offices. It’s like we get busy and forget.

Herewith a few little tips to get you doin’ it more…

  • Keep a glass by the bed. Make it the first thing you do in the morning.
  • Have one glass every hour on the hour while at work. When the work day is done your water quota is met.
  • Have a bet with a co-worker – who drinks the most through the week. Winner gets lunch (somewhere SUPER healthy of course)
  • Bring a two litre bottle of water to work and try to drink it all before you leave work. If you don’t finish, drink it in traffic on the way home – it’s like a race.
  • Keep water on your desk.
  • Add drinking two glasses of water to your daily skincare regimen. Drink, cleanse, moisturise.
  • After each trip to the loo, guzzle a glass to replenish your system.
  • Freeze little bits of peeled lemons, limes, and oranges and use them in place of ice cubes – add some mint to make it even more exciting. Mmmm, refreshing and minty.
  • Include herbal tea as part of your quota (sorry, but normal tea and coffee does not count).
  • If you have a junk-food craving, neck a glass of water immediately. You will feel full quickly and avoid the calories, and it lets time pass till the craving fades.

If you have been under-hydrating, expect that as you increase your water intake you will also increase your toilet breaks! You can also expect to feel a little more thirsty as you turn back on your thirst reflex.