Giving back

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With the silly season in full-swing it’s very easy to lose sight of its greater meaning. Here are some suggestions of ways we might give back at this time of the year (please click on the links attached).

      1. K-mart wishing tree. Donate a gift to a child in need.
      2. Donate your non-perishable food items to The Smith Family who will distribute to a family in need.
      3. Karma Currency – your loved one will be able to choose their charity.
      4. Donate blood – one hour of your life holds the potential to save three lives.
      5. Woof woof! Animal shelters are often overwhelmed at this time of the year. Donate to the RSPCA on behalf of a friend and become a Guardian Angel – meow.
      6. Donate your time – there are many organisations that would love to see your face. Meals on Wheels and Volunteering Australia are great places to start.
      7. Donate your surplus – Givit are a matchmaking service. Tell them what you’ve got and they’ll call out to charities to see who needs what.

My personal favourite…CARE Australia. They do an amazing job of helping those who are less well-off than those of us in developing nations

  • $10 buys school books.
  • $20 malaria safe mosquito nets.
  • $23 emergency hygiene kit
  • $45 and someone gets a goat.
  • $78 and a school gets a water tap.
  • $330 a teacher is trained.
  • $450 a water pump.
  • $665 a school toilet block
  • $2500 install a village a water system.

As a heartfelt thank you for the inspiration and happiness you bring to my life I have donated to CARE Australia to ensure safe accommodation for a Syrian family. I hope that 2016 is your healthiest and happiest yet.

May peace prevail on earth.