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Dealing with depression – a user’s guide.

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In my previous post I discussed my battles over the years with depression and anxiety . Herewith, my ‘user’s guide’ to dealing with it.

Overcoming it has been hard work and involved a multi-faceted approach.

Exercise – for me it’s yoga.

Counselling – really helped to unpack things. At some point though, I got bored with myself and the same story.

Writing – often cathartic – again, I bored myself with writing about how shitty I felt. Now I focus on gratitude and the things I would like to achieve.

Community – I am very fortunate to have grown up in the country. Having a tribe is incredibly important. This is what I want to build in Mt Lawley. You are always welcome to pop in and have a cup of tea and ‘chinwag’. As many of you know, I love a chat…

Hypnotherapy – for me, the biggest shift occurred having a few sessions with Leigh. I cannot thank her enough for the change her work has made in my life.

Nutrition – having a whole foods diet with plenty of vegetables (I’m not a big fruit eater) and pulses and legumes. Reduce caffeine if you suffer with anxiety. Keep your blood sugars well-balanced

Supplementation – depression is a sign of an inflamed brain! At the core of any prescription is:

  • Vitamin B – I use about four different brands in the clinic and marry it up with where you are right now.
  • Magnesium – it helps to relax your muscles, boost your energy and help you sleep.
  • Fish oils – they will help that foggy brain and reduce inflammation.
  • Probiotics – more and more we are seeing that anxiety is linked to a disordered microbiome

Herbs – you know I love them! Some of my faves are:

  • Licorice and Rehmannia – to rebuild those burnt out adrenals
  • St John’s Wort – the old faithful for depression (it’s also anti-viral)
  • Saffron – for depression
  • Turmeric – for inflammation
  • Lemon Balm – calms the nervous system
  • Hops – for anxiety (I have been known to have a small glass of beer when I’m anxious – purely medicinal). It can also modulate oestrogen.
  • Passionflower – just the name makes me feel good! It’s also great for anxiety and a restful sleep
  • Kava – the new kid on the block in Western Australia. The ban has just been lifted. This herb is the best I know of to help with anxiety and fear. You might catch me occasionally having a ‘nip’.
  • Withania – a tonic that helps the body adapt to stress and change

Other stuff

  • Don’t read depressing news
  • Hang out with positive people. As Jim Rohn says, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.
  • Get into nature
  • Go to the beach
  • Unplug from technology periodically – FB can chip away at our sense of worth. It looks like the rest of the world is having so much more fun than you!
  • Don’t do it alone – most people you speak to have suffered from either depression or anxiety or both at one time or another. Let’s break down the stigma of mental health and start talking more openly about it.
  • Please, please, please – stop worrying about what others think of you…because they’re not, they are too busy worrying about what you think of them!

Be kind to yourself – always. If you should need help and support we are never far away.

Yours in good mental health,